I just finished painting the exterior of one of the new bags for this season. Its always more laborious than expected, but it took wayyy longer than the amount of time I thought it would. I do love tedious work but for the sake of the collection I think I will need to rethink some of the processes and ideas Im working with this time around.

So far this bag looks like it will be the jewel of the collection, I just hope the others come out as good. Working has always been very meditative for me and Im working on ways to explain that visually. Color has been fun and frustrating to work with, theres so many possibilities, nearly limitless. Im used to working with just the limits of the material, the leather, color is a whole new ball game and i feel like Im still learning the rules. Thats what art is all about though messing with the rules. Ill keep y'all posted with my thoughts as I work through this collection, its turing out to be much more philosophical than expected...